Southern Glamour meets Global Education at the launch of Azent Overseas Education in Hyderabad


Southern Glamour meets Global Education at the launch of #AzentOverseasEducation in Hyderabad


Now I ask all our cine journalists, a serious question.

Why are you writing Southern when you are speaking about our stars?
Why do you use the limited words South, Southern and regional, Are not our stars Indian?
You may say, yes, just to denote they belong to South,
Think, when you speak about North Indian actors are you writing North Indian actor? or Hindi actor?, But you are writing Indian actor.
You should write North Indian, if you apply the same logic.
Suppose in this article if some bollywood actress is there in Samantha’s place, what would be the title of this article?
It would be definitely
Indian Glamour meets Global Education
But not
North Indian Glamour meets Global Education.
Please beaware of how North Indian/ Bollywood journalists treating us and our stars.
They are giving South tag to our stars and diminishing us.
While they write about Bollywood, they are denoting them as Indian Superstars.
But when it comes to South they write South Super star Rajini South Super star Chiranjeevi  South Super star Upendra and  South Super star Mammootty.
This is the way we were betrayed all these years.
Though we can produce Bahubalis, Robos and KGFs we remained small, treated small, iltreated often. Didn’t you observe?
Amitab and Khans are called Indian Superstars and the great Chiranjeevi and Rajini still remained as South superstars, as if they are not Indians.
Are these stars are in any way secondary to anybody in Bollywood?
Is our Telugu Tamil Kannada or Malayalam in anyway less than Hindi?
Are South stars not Indian stars? If they are mere South stars, When will they become Indian Stars?
When they will they get Indian status?
Is there any Schedule Or Article Of our Constitution says that
” Indian star status is limited to Bollywood actors Only”?
Please Think.
Bollywood is not Indian Cinema and Hindi is not the only Indian language. More over, it is trying to suppress our langauges and cultures.
Journalists from North and Bollywood, even DTHs from North are grouping all our great South film industries into a small single REGIONAL bunch, making Bollywood big.
Actually each of our film industries, individually greater than Bollywood. We should fight against this suppression and wrong notion.
At least we should correct ourselves, from now.
From now on, Stop tagging our stars as South stars.
whenever we write about our stars, Let us Write Indian Stars. Indian Star Chiranjeevi and Indian Star Rajini…. etc.
We are Indians. We are not just South Indians.
We need not be in anyway secondary to anybody in our own country.
All these years, our stupid writings made Amitab and Khans Indian Superstars and so the great Chiranjeevi and Rajini still remained as South superstars.
Actually we were not aware how we are being victims of our own writings.
Let us come out of the illusions created by Bollywood.
Only Bollywood is not Indian Cinema and only Bollywood stars are not Indian Stars.
Propagate this truth, to all.
We should come out of the wrong mindset, which was the result of intentional betrayal of Bollywood, which always hijacked our Indian identity.
Don’t get cheated further.
Let us come out of the illusions and also we should bring people also out of this illusion.
( please translate this into all South langauges and forward to our journalists )


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